Try our cheeck and lip creme color that gives a beautiful, natural glow to your face while not compromising your health with additives and synthetic pigments.


All natural pigments make these colors shine!



Hibiscus hydrosol, Green Tea hydrosol, Helichrysum hydrosol, Babassu oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Olive oil, Sunflower seed oil,  Castor oil, * Ginseng root, Red clover, Cetearyl olivate, Sorbitan olivate, Glyceryl stearate, Vitamin E Acetate, Leuconostoc, Red Iron Oxide, Morrocean Red Clay, Mica, Propanediol (naturally derived preservative), Ethylhexyl glycerin (naturally derived preservative), and Potassium Sorbate (food grade preservative).

Creamy Lip and Cheek